Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: September Showcase Finale

Wednesday marks the final, special September Showcase episode of Bump In The Hump on Radio Humber. Next week I'll return to Humber's online counterpart, H2O for the premiere of the fifth season of Bump In The Hump, October 5th from 6-7 PM EDT. But this week we continue to showcase some of the best from the past of Bump In The Hump as well as the usual onslaught of new Canadian electronic music. As has been the case for each of the September Showcase episodes, I'll begin with on of my favourite tracks of all time. This week it'll be Tristam's "Till It's Over" kicking off the episode at full force. Following up Tristam comes one of Bump In The Hump's most played artists, Dr. Ozi, with yet another awesome new dubstep track. Continuing with the new music we hear from Bishu, Vincent, Krowley, and get a new remix from Pat Lok. After breaking down for the 6:30 newscast, Bump In The Hump will return with a perfect track for the September Showcase, a remix of deadmau5's classic "Strobe" from one of my favourite artists, that you'll have to tune in live to experience. Rounding out the new music, is one of Canada's fastest rising talents, Syre with a remix of Tove Lo. Before sending you off to finish the week, I've got three tracks in a row from Toronto and Humber's own Pusher, two of my old favourites and a new favourite from his New Laces EP. Finally, and as is tradition on Bump In The Hump, I highlight an artist playing Toronto this coming weekend, with a track from them to get you excited for their show. This week it's Harrison, who we've heard from in each of the prior September Showcase episodes, with "Right Hook" and the title track, from his debut album Checkpoint Titanium. He'll be playing Velvet Underground Friday the 30th, alongside collaborators Allie and Clairmont The Second. Get more event info and links to tickets here. But we go back to Harrison's Colors EP for my favourite track of his, "Ashe Maree." Listen to Bump In The Hump live this Wednesday the 28th from 6-7 PM EDT, here. I'll be live tweeting from my account @OggieJames, and you can find the tracklist on this blog as the show goes live at 6.

Catch up on previous episodes of Bump In The Hump via the back catalog on mixcloud, here.