Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soundcloud Related Tracks

Twice in the last few days has Soundcloud's "Related Tracks" stepped up big time, delivering a great playlist half a dozen tracks long. First I got lost back in 2008, listening to "Lulu's Theme" by Lulu Rouge, and was led into the likes of Modeselektor's "The White Flash," Vessels' remix of Nils Frahm "Says," Pantha Du Prince "Saturn Strobe," and finally Moderat "Out Of Sight." The deep rolling vibes seemed endless, as my basement bedroom was transformed into a full on warehouse rave. And just today I was checking out Hatch's latest remix for Kuren "Home," when Soundcloud sent me through a number of beautiful, chill, downtempo, thought-provoking, vocal-driven tracks like Mall Grab's remix of Dro Carey "Queensberry Rules," auram "Lost Time," Golden Vessel "Never Know," and "Wave," and finally Lastlings "Chills," and "You." Despite much consternation with Soundcloud, and many moving over to Spotify, I still find Soundcloud is my best option for find new, and especially independent music, specifically stuff I can download. On that note, there's a number of free downloads in both of these playlists, so go grab those now.