Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taska Black - Leave Me

Appearing online mere hours ago, amidst a cloud of smoke like a a magician's marvelous entrance, the second track from the forthcoming Gouldian Finch compilation, on San Holo's bitbird label, Belgian producer Taska Black's "Leave Me" is yet another glimpse into the incredible future of electronic music, as Black's track firmly situates itself in a dimly lit, apocalyptic alley, slowly closing in on itself, narrowly avoiding the dark, unseen dangers lurking ever so ominously in the wings. The perfect combination of live and electronic instrumentation, the initial strings set the mood of a black and white fictional world, where crime and despair run rampant. The soaring leads propel the drop into a further desolate, despondent reality in which the only hope for happiness comes in the ability to escape such melancholy. Whether "Leave Me" is a demand from a disconsolate narrator, who wants to wallow in their sorrow solo, or someone striving to overcome this malaise, by shedding all mortal ties, sending his friends away in defiance of misery's love of company; it excels at injecting emotion into its both organic and electric production. The beauty of the human condition and its contradictory nature is on full display thanks to the genius of Taska Black's production.

If "Leave Me" and the first single from Gouldian Finch, San Holo's "Still Looking," are any indication of what we can expect from this compilation, bitbird and its artists are poised to explode. Stay tuned to the bitbird soundcloud for more info on when the compilation gets its official release, until then grab both the free downloads of "Leave Me" and "Still Looking."