Friday, June 17, 2016

Justin Jay & Friends - Climbing Trees ft. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges

Justin Jay has done it yet again. Teaming up with frequent collaborators Josh Taylor and Benny Bridges, "Climbing Trees" is set to be released on Lee Foss' Repopulate Mars label. It seems a forgone conclusion that when this trio enter the studio together, something magical finds its way into our ears. Between the live instrumentation of Bridges on the guitar, Taylor's dreamy vocals and youthful yet philosophically driven lyrics, all combined under the guiding touch of Jay's astronomically awesome and engrossing production, "Climbing Trees" is the kind of song that gives you faith in the electronic music scene, and even humanity at large. Brilliantly beautiful and adventurous, it urges you to shed the stagnation of growing old, view the world through open and un-jaded eyes, and just live. Take advantage of the beautiful weather, feel the grass between your toes, climb a tree and let your imagination get the better of you, just be sure to have some friends around for increased enjoyment.