Thursday, June 09, 2016

Ponsolo & Ledisko Mix for Bump In The Hump

You can now listen to Ponsolo and Ledisko's mix for Bump In The Hump in its entirety, without my inane banter and with the original, NSFW, lyrics from Sweet Pussy Pauline in their track "Hurtin Me." However, if for some reason you enjoy my voice on-top of their mix, or you're like me and preferred the clean 'gibberish' edit of "Hurtin Me" you can still get that and the full episode here. Don't forget to grab yourself a copy of BADLQQK RQQKIES June 14th exclusively on Beatport, with tracks from WWRD, Alien Grant, Maddmon, Psalms, Kases & Mosis, John Pac, and of course Ponsolo & Ledisko.