Friday, August 04, 2017

Biscits - M Night (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Last Monday a teaser video appeared on Boy 8-Bit's socials (here). It showed 38 seconds of his forthcoming remix of deep house banger "M Night" originally from Southhampton's Biscits.

Apparently an ode to, as Boy 8-Bit put it, "the underdog," however we can read between the lines, and realize that it's about the "director of The Village," M. Night Shyamalan. The nearly 6 month old original holds some exceptional design, especially in terms of the depth of bass and delectable drum work. It also boasts a groove that is just about guaranteed to get your body moving, but for my liking it needed a little more of that M. Night magic, particularly a twist. Boy 8-Bit has obliged (although he thought about doing more), by adding his own vocal bits detailing Shyamalan's struggle with critics.

But this remix is more than just strong storytelling on a hearty house beat, it's got Boy 8-Bit's signature sublime synths that always seem to play perfectly with his crispy, crunchy drum kit. I'll be honest here, I'm gushing because I've loved all of Boy 8-Bit's productions ever since I first heard "The Cricket Scores" years back, but this really does have just about everything that I've come to love about Mr. Morris' music. The bass booms, the sneaky synth progressions, the distorted and disembodied vocals, and the explosive waves of energy in his drops. The only thing it's missing is the chiptune bleeps and bloops, but despite his name, Boy 8-Bit hasn't done much of that since his inception.From the overall soundscape, the onslaught of effects and playful power throughout, there's nothing that this track doesn't have. Add it to your own collection through your preferred service here.