Thursday, May 09, 2013

EFYE Announcement: Final Two Features

This evening, I'm unleashing the final two weekly features that will be added to the new two hour version of EFYE. The first of the features deals with new music, which is a theme of this program, but this feature is a little different. Each week I will be playing what I am going to call the Duæl for Dancefloor Dominance, or DDD for short. As you can see it fits my theme of double entendres and will fulfill the theme of new music in that of the dual (two) tracks dueling for dancefloor dominance they will be brand new (not just new to EFYE, but released in the past two weeks). How DDD will work is I will give you the opportunity to choose which of the two tracks makes it to next week via a poll on this blog as well as via twitter. Each week the returning champion will face a brand new contender in the Duæl for Dancefloor Dominance. The first week will be a little different in that you will have the whole week to decide who is the first official champion and therefore deserves a second play, next week. More information on how to vote will be posted soon.

This happily leads us to the final new feature, which could possibly be the one you've been waiting for. This is where you are going to have the opportunity to make live shout outs via twitter, right in the middle of brand new and exciting EFYE music in a section called the Wind Up. All you have to do is tweet me any time during the week or live during the show @OggieJames #EFYEWindUp and as long as it is radio friendly I'll give you a shout out with your message.