Wednesday, May 08, 2013

EFYE Announcement: Another Two New Features

It's that time again tonight, time to unveil two new features that will become mainstays in the new two hour long version of Enlightenment For Your Ears. Tonight's new features are a) Canadian Content Triple Threat, quite simply put this means that you will be hit over the head with three of the best tracks from one great Canadian artist/group; and b) your first interactive component, a poll to choose the final track of the evening, and yes, the poll will go live moments after this post. This poll will always come in the form of two to four tracks from the past, from the same artist and it's all up to you to choose which track you want to be left with. With this poll, I will post links to the tracks so as to make your musical choice far more easy and enjoyable. Don't forget, I'll be back announcing the final two features tomorrow and posting the tracklisting Friday prior to hitting the air live at five. Once again, SPOILER: you might be able to hear your name and message live on the radio!