Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Grammy Awards (How Did I Do?)

So I really didn't do to poorly considering most of my picks were intended to rock the boat/advocate the devil. I really felt that with some of the picks I was picking the least likely and contrary artist/record. Skrillex came up huge again, as I predicted. I was wrong about the remix, although Skrillex/Nero were my second choice, and probably the most likely choice, whereas Photek was a dark horse, no doubt. I still can't believe that Diplo was robbed and didn't get Producer of the Year, it really seems to be as though he is far more deserving than Dan Auerbach, but I guess the Recording Academy felt electronic production is not worth yet, but boy are they wrong. Jimmy Fallon won the Comedy album which seems reasonable, but it puts me at zero for three, but this however is where is start to turn it around. My picks of Skrillex bringing down the house with Bangarang the album and the track, were right on with him taking them both down, 2/5. I did however get beaten down on the last few and more 'important' picks. Poor Frank Ocean got spanked by Fun as the Best New Artist and Mumford & Sons for Album Of The Year. How Fun beat out Ed Sheeran and Carly Rae for Song Of The Year, I honestly cannot say. It really was a terrible performance by Fun except for the rain indoors, but I mean could you pump the cheesiness factor any higher? Meanwhile Ed and the original legend-wait-for-it-dary, Sir Elton John smashed the place with an unbelievable duet of A-Team. Far more deserving than Fun. I did however guess the Record Of The Year correctly with Gotye, I don't think it really could have been anyone else, and the justification is seen quite easily with Prince declaring "Oh, I love this song." And how fitting that their first thank you goes to Prince, someone who had so greatly influenced them and their music. All in all a fun night, a celebration of music, something that I do everyday, every moment I spend listening to music. Music is the magic of everyday life.  Overall score: 3/9. Gotta thank Skrillex for hooking me with two correct picks.