Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sampling of some of the fire Ekali and Electric Mantis dropped last night

It's safe to say I was incredibly excited to see Ekali and Electric Mantis last night, and not only did they live up to, and exceed my expectations, they delivered easily one of the best shows I can ever remember seeing. From the start I was treated to Chet Porter's remix of Hitmane's "Over U" as soon as I walked into Velvet Underground, which was a harbinger for things to come. As I expected Electric Mantis' set played perfectly into Ekali's moving from future bass, and trap flawlessly, all while getting heavier and more intense as the night went on. Both played a number of their own records, which is truly why people go to the club in the first place, but they also dropped of an awesome assortment of the hottest new tracks and some older gold records. In true Ekali form (despite saying he had the worst, "technically speaking," set ever), he delivered an unstoppable flurry of fire tracks one after another, almost always mashing up multiple elements. A quick scroll of my twitter feed paints the picture fairly well; I don't think I've ever heard a set that I knew so many tracks. In honour of incredible sets, I've compiled as many of the tracks I as could, as close to the order I remember them in. Enjoy!