Friday, December 09, 2016

6 reasons to see Ekali, Electric Mantis & Riggadale tonight at Velvet Underground

Ekali is set to bring his "Autumn" tour to Velvet Underground tonight. Electric Mantis, on his second leg of the tour, and local, Riggadale will be playing the opening sets. I've had this date earmarked as soon as I saw it announced. The inclusion of the openers has only got me more excited. In honour of brevity, as I've already written about my love of Ekali (post here), I'm opting to make a short list of reasons why I expect tonight to rival any other in recent memory.

1. Ekali's Original Productions: He's made massive trap bangers, while also designing some of the most delirium-inducing, emotionally aware, heart pounding, tracks in the last two calendar years.

2. Ekali's Remixes: Apply the same qualities of the originals above, then add this list of names: Aaliyah, Big Shaun, Ciara, Drake, Denzel Curry, Diplo, Flume, Flux Pavilion, Gallant, Kanye, Pat Lok, Skrillex, Ta-ku, Tinashe, and What So Not. If that doesn't excite you, I don't know why you're reading this.

3. Ekali's DJ Sets: If you've been following Ekali's twitter lately, you're aware of the true live and quality nature of Ekali's DJ sets. As seemingly nearly every DJ who's played a major festival for thousands of people, and therefore some exceedingly drugged up people, he was accused of using a pre-recorded set. His tweets in response, including countless video from him and others, show otherwise. People are still begging for him to release his Hard Summer Green Stage set, I'm sure in part because his other set at HARD, in the The Lab, was so killer. Some people say his Coachella set is best, others Shambhala, but its hard to argue with the quality and range of the Triple J Mixup, Too Future, and Get Cozy.

4. Ekali, the person: He's known to be a man of the people; often, if not always making himself available after his set for an impromptu meet and greet, even if the venue closes. When I was younger I idolized some DJs and got lucky enough to meet some of them afterward, which no doubt inspired my love for, and longevity in, the scene. It's open and inviting, yet lovingly tight. So if you enjoyed his set, and want to tell him without screaming or grabbing at him, now you can.

5. Electric Mantis: He is perhaps the perfect opener, complimenting Ekali's sound and style perfectly. I'm not sure why, but I have the urge to describe his sound as organic, and not only alive, but life giving. How that can be true, with purely electronic synthesized music, I'm not sure. But that's always the magic of electronic music: imbuing the inanimate with feeling. And that's exactly what Electric Mantis does with his number of exceptional originals and remixes.

6. Riggadale: This isn't the first time I've written about Riggadale either, see here. While we haven't heard from him for months, his soundcloud was busy leading up to this apparent hiatus. He's clearly a proficient DJ who knows his stuff, as evidenced in his own mix series, Cuddle Season. While his list of productions is short, each is quality, and fits the mood of the night. Instead of making my own playlists, Riggadale already has his whole library divided up the way I would have, so here's his instead.

Tickets were still available at last check, but might sell out pre-show, as has been happening often during Ekali's tour. More of the specific details on the facebook event page, here.