Monday, September 25, 2017

Thool w/ Marieke - Je Sors (Cover of Joe Jackson's Steppin' Out)

The world of music is an endless, magical escape; it often leads me down rabbit holes from one track to another, via one artist, label or mix. In my previous post, I mentioned Boy 8-Bit's Beatport chart, which included an artist I was unfamiliar with, Bullion and his track "Blue Pedro." I've since been unable to escape the clutches of "Blue Pedro" and figured I better check out more of Bullion's back catalog. That's what lead me to his label DEEK Recordings, and their latest release, a compilation of covers entitled Covered In Gloria. And while it was already premiered over on Stamp The Wax, I couldn't help but shine further light on Thool and Marieke's cover of Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out."

The original 1982 version remains one of my favourite tracks, with its stunningly simple yet strong piano hooks, and unrelenting rhythm. There's a majesty in its metropolitan atmosphere, and an incredible pride in the bounding strides of the groove accented by bright, sparkling bells and an almost twinkling piano presence. It holds within it both the elements of Night And Day, there's something very personal and down to earth about "Steppin' Out," while there's no questioning the message's universal appeal and instrumental's ascending, uplifting aura. And that's where I begin with this cover.

Thool and Marieke's version starts in the stars with alien atmosphere coming out the wazoo. While the new synths wobbles may not be as immediately gripping as the original, they lay the foundation for a more restrained, yet equally revealing, expression of the emotions inherent in "Steppin' Out." Even Marieke's vocals, while never more than subtle, seem to ooze over the whole song, covering it with an ethereal sheen. The whole delivery seems better suited to a jazz club than before, showcasing smooth musicianship and smart production sense. While the bones of Joe Jackson's original remain intact, the surrounding tissue has been remodeled, but still in the same depiction of the human form. Find "Je Sors" as part of Covered In Gloria, and if that turns your crank I'll make one more suggestion: Raf Rundell (half of The 2 Bears) and his take on Sade's "By Your Side" via Extraordinary Renditions.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Charts and Recent Favourites

Charts can countdown the top tracks or they can quite simply be a collection of recommended tracks, a al Beatport. Everyone's done one, even Obama. Of course that means you can't possibly listen to all the tracks on everyone's chart, but like mixes, the DJs behind them can become trusted taste-makers. That being said, I've been inspired to make my own 'chart' or playlist of recent favourites after having enjoyed nearly all the tracks in Boy 8-Bit's aptly named Boy 8-Bit's "Want You" To Buy These Chart. Note that like his chart, it's not necessarily all brand new productions, but rather productions new to me.Not much to say about the tracks except that they are all super strong productions, generally on the more relaxed housy side. Just some good clean fun. Also note that the final three tracks are only available via Soundcloud's annoying GO feature, but I've linked them via Spotify below.

  1. Four Tet - Scientists
  2. Jim-E Stack - Deadstream
  3. Flight Facilities ft. Emma Louise - Arty Boy (Swindail Remix)
  4. Sébastien Léger - Model D
  5. Boy 8-Bit - Want You (Mason Remix)
  6. Tale Of Us & Vaal - Monument (Barnt Remix)
  7. D33J - Wisp (ft. Baths)
  8. Hercules & Love Affair ft. Sharon Van Etten - Omnion (Joe Goddard Remix)
  9. Joe Goddard - Home (Eric Kupper Remix)
  10. The xx - On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Krayysh - Running From Death

To say Krayysh has come on strong in the last few months would be an understatement. After essentially starting from scratch six months ago with "Underthinking Things," he's since released an official remix for Mat Zo and Kill The Noise then proceeded to break brains with the aptly titled 132.86 BPM track, "13286." He returned today with a wild and animalistic release on Mad Zoo. Apparently inspired a dream in which a demon chased him through a forest, "Running From Death" really does depict a chase scene that might fit perfectly in Baby Driver or whatever movie Tom Cruise is running in at the moment. However, I might argue that instead of a demon, it's producers that are chasing Krayysh in an effort to steal his creative juices. The energy is enough to make your brain explode or at least your chest heave involuntarily. But it's not just random dissonant destruction, it's actually quite ingeniously crafted. While the drums pummel, and the synths screech, Krayysh has woven a wicked connection that creates an incredible unease throughout. If you're not faint of heart, hit the the play button and prepare for raw power to haunt you at every turn. Stream below and download if you dare here.FOLLOW KRAYYSH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER